45 years comes with lots of baggage...

If I could rewrite the wedding vows I would add this: “I promise to carry your baggage all the days of my life.” Everyone has baggage whether they like to believe it or not.  Baggage comes in the form of your fiancee’s irrational fear, their student debt, or even their old back injury.  This baggage sticks around for the rest of their life in some way or another.  Having to pay off student debt means less money in your retirement account in the future.  An old back injury can

When to ask for wedding help!

I am a firm believer that the best person to plan your wedding day is you, but there are a few situations where outside help may be necessary. Let's talk about them real quick. Top 3 Scenarios When You Should Consider Wedding Help: 1. Time is an issue... You don’t have enough time. You are working a full time job and you enjoy your nights and weekends to relax. Planning a wedding on your own can creep into your lunch breaks, your girls nights, date nights, and even your prec

The most un-memorable details...

Your guest will not remember what your dress looked like or which flowers lined the aisle as you walked down to meet your soul mate. Instead they will remember what the band played and who they danced with. Here are some thoughts from a professional party girl wedding guest: What makes a wedding memorable... all the guests will remember is if they had fun or not. The beautiful dress you spent hours on searching and getting the best fit, the color scheme you ensured made an a